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Before & After School

Offered to all children who attend public school (Pre-K through grade 6)

This program offers children many free choice activities. We try to help the children settle after a long structured school day. We have a spacious outdoor area for sports and fun and creative activities are scheduled daily. This program is available for kindergarten to sixth grade students.


We offer care during snow days, various holidays, and school vacations.

Emotional Development

Opportunities are provided to express growing independence/self reliance, and to work or be alone.

Physical Development

Opportunities are offered to get physical exercise using a variety of equipment indoors and outdoors, to participate in individual and group games, music, creative dramatics, and arts and craft.

Intellectual Development

Opportunities are offered to read books, do flannel boards, listen to tapes or records, watch videos, do experiments, cook, and go on field trips. - Strong emphasis on becoming self sufficient.

Social Development

All of the above are opportunities to interact with peers and adults. Opportunities are also offered with board and card games, and time to just sit and talk with friends.

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