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Ballestrini's Summer Camp 2024 


Get ready for an unforgettable summer full of laughter, adventures, and new friendships! We are thrilled to announce that our Summer Camp will kick off on June 17th and run until August 23rd. This exclusive program is designed for all children in the Pre-K and School Age programs. Don't miss the chance to secure your child's spot by registering before April 1st! This is the only program we offer in the summer. 

Register by April 1st to secure your child’s place in the program! The summer camp weekly rates are as follows:


Field Trips: Our field trips are aligned with weekly learning themes, promising a well-rounded and educational experience for your child. Transportation and admission costs are covered in the field trip fee. Field trips are open to children ages 5-12, with 3 & 4-year-olds attending with director approval.


Beach trips: Picture your child enjoying the sun, sand, and sea at Pleasure Beach in Waterford! These beach trips are a highlight of our summer program. Preschoolers visit in the mornings, and school-age children take their turn in the afternoons. Safety is our priority with two lifeguards on duty and attentive staff ensuring a day of fun and relaxation. Preschool age children are not allowed in the water past their knees. Typically all children attend the beach trips. To ensure comfort and convenience, especially when using the bathroom, we recommend girls wear two-piece swimsuits. This way, our little beachgoers won't have the hassle of removing wet shirts while enjoying the sun, sand, and sea.


T-Shirts:  Each child will receive a mandatory camp T-shirt. Additional shirts can be purchased for $15, and swim shirts are available for $35. Wearing these shirts during field trips, including beach trips, is essential to show group affiliation and safeguard against sun exposure.. 


Sunscreen:  Safety first! We'll provide sunscreen for afternoon re-application, but we ask parents to apply the first coat each morning. Please complete the attached sunscreen form for our records.


Water fun days: Tuesdays will be water fun days, so send your child in WEARING a bathing suit and water shoes. Don't forget to pack a towel and a change of clothing for an extra splash of excitement!


Lunches:  Lunches should be packed in disposable bags, labeled with your child's name, and include a drink and silverware. We don't allow heat-ups in the summer, so keep it cool and refreshing!


Water bottles: Help your child stay hydrated by sending in a refillable water bottle daily. It's a simple yet crucial way to beat the summer heat. 


We can't wait to embark on this summer journey with your child. If your little one will be arriving late or absent, please let us know by 9:00 am. Thank you for choosing our Summer Camp for an extraordinary season of fun and discovery!

Andrea Rowe 


Under the Sea Expedition: June 17th - 21st (Beach Thursday) 

Dive into a week of oceanic wonders as we embark on an Under the Sea Expedition! From exploring underwater castles to creating colorful sea creatures, our adventurers will discover the magic of the deep blue. Thursday is beach day, where we'll make a splash with sandcastles and beach games, bringing the sea vibes to life!


Mystic Maritime Marvels: June 24th - 28th (Mystic Seaport Thursday) 

Set sail for a week filled with Mystic Maritime Marvels! Our campers will journey to the Mystic Seaport for an unforgettable adventure. Back at camp, we'll be crafting nautical treasures, learning about seafaring traditions, and maybe even encountering some mystical sea creatures. It's a maritime exploration like no other!


Red, White and Boom: July 1-5 (closed Thursday)

Get ready to celebrate the stars and stripes with a patriotic bang during Red, White, and Boom week! Though we're closed on Thursday, the rest of the week will be bursting with Independence Day festivities. From flag crafts to patriotic games, our campers will experience the joy and excitement of this red, white, and blue extravaganza!


Jurassic Park: July 8-12 (Ct Dinosaur State Park Thursday) 

Roar into the past with Jurassic Park week! Our young paleontologists will dig into the world of dinosaurs with a thrilling field trip to CT Dinosaur State Park. Campers will uncover fossils, create their own dino habitats, and experience a week filled with prehistoric adventures. It's a dino-mite time waiting to happen!


Wizarding Wonders: July 15-19 (Beach Thursday)

Abracadabra! Enchanting adventures await during Wizarding Wonders week. Campers will be immersed in the magical world of wizards, casting spells, creating potions, and crafting their very own wizard hats. Thursday brings the magic to the beach, where we'll have a day of enchantment under the sun!


Art Expedition: July 22-26 (Beach Thursday)

Unleash your inner artist during Art Expedition week! From painting and sculpting to creating masterpieces inspired by nature, our campers will explore the boundless world of art. Beach Thursday is the canvas for sandy sculptures and seaside creativity, making this week a masterpiece of fun and expression!


Safari Spectacular: July 29 - August 2 ( Roger Williams Zoo Thursday)

Embark on a wild Safari Spectacular as we journey into the animal kingdom! Our campers will discover the wonders of the animal world with a thrilling zoo field trip on Thursday. Back at camp, we'll be creating safari hats, learning about exotic animals, and roaring with laughter throughout the week!


Adventure Awaits: August 5-9 (Beach Thursday)

Gear up for a week where Adventure Awaits around every corner! From treasure hunts to team-building challenges, our campers will be on a quest for excitement. Beach Thursday is a day of beachside adventures, adding a sandy twist to our week of exploration and discovery!


Mad Science Mayhem: August 12-16 (CT Science Museum Thursday)

Prepare for a week of Mad Science Mayhem! Campers will become junior scientists, conducting wacky experiments and unlocking the secrets of the universe. Thursday's field trip to the CT Science Museum will amplify the excitement as we delve into the world of scientific wonders!


Tropical Paradise: August 19-23 (Beach Thursday) 

Escape to a Tropical Paradise as we round out the summer with a burst of sunshine and island vibes! From tropical crafts to beach games, our campers will soak in the last rays of summer fun. Thursday's beach day will be a tropical celebration, creating memories of a summer well spent in paradise!

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