Traveling the World with Ballestrini's 

Get your passports ready this summer we will be traveling the world!

Summer Camp will begin on June 21st with a trip to Italy we will end our journey in Tanzania on August 27th. Please be sure to register your child for camp before May 20th.  Spaces are limited! Take a look at our fun filled itinerary.

WEEK #1 ITALY  (June 21-25) Ciao! To start our trip around the world we are visiting Italy.  Begin the fun by celebrating summer vacation and Ferragosto. We will visit the canals of Venice and the Leaning Tower of Piza. Enjoy trying several traditional Italian foods such as pizza, pasta and meatballs and a dessert. For STEM learning engineer and build buildings and bridges using pasta.  Have fun learning new games that children in Italy enjoy such as Lupo Mangia Frutta and Piovra.


WEEK #2 USA (June 28- July 2)  Hello and welcome to the USA! This week will include a HUGE 4th of July celebration! Try American bbq food like hot dogs and macaroni salad.  Wear red, white and blue and visit the Statue of Liberty and The Old West.  We will pan for gold one day and walk the runway of Hollywood for a talent show another.  Play classic school yard games like four square, duck duck goose, red light green light and mother may I. Enjoy country music and jazz and try making modern art like Andy Wohol and Jackson Pollock.


WEEK #3 INDIA (July 6-9) Namaste! Come along to India to celebrate Holi! Be prepared to get messy during the color war! Try different chutneys on naan bread.  Make puppets and put on a show.  Take a yoga class.  Take a trip to the Taj Mahal. Make a rangoli.  This week will be full of fun and bright colors. 


WEEK #4 CARIBBEAN (July 12-16) Ahoy mates! Jump aboard a pirate ship and come explore the Caribbean! Visit beaches, waterfalls and discover the creatures of the reef.  Dress as a pirate for our Pirate Party! Will you have to walk the plank? Hunt for treasure and learn about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle! Make your own art from sand. Design your own boat and test if it sinks or floats.  This week is sure to have you saying “Shiver me timbers” 


WEEK # 5 CHINA (July 19-23) Nǐ hǎo! Celebrate Lunar New Year and the year of the Ox. Can you eat Lo Mein using only chopsticks? Race to see how many marshmallows you can move with chopsticks in 1 min! Visit the Great Wall. Learn Karate. Ride your bike.  Learn about the Cheongsam and Tang Zhuang. Make a kite and see if you can get it to fly!


WEEK #6 BRAZIL (July 26-30) Bom dia! Let’s visit Brazil for Carnival! Enjoy music, dancing, a parade and carnival games! Design a parade float. Visit the rainforest and try some of the foods we get from there like mangos and papayas and cocoa. Play luta de galo. Learn to samba! Discover the many, many animals of the Amazon!  


WEEK # 7 EGYPT (Aug 2-6) Salām! Let’s go to the pyramids of Egypt! Take a trip down the Nile and see the crocodiles.  Work with pulleys, rollers and levers like the ancient egyptians did to build the pyramids.  Try your hand at writing hieroglyphics. Try baba ghanoug, zabadi and hummus. Learn about Egyptian mythology.     


WEEK #8 FRANCE (Aug 9-13) Bonjour! Will Père Noël come to fill our shoes with treats as we celebrate Christmas in France? Check out the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Try to create some of the art from the world famous Louvre.  Try french baguette and cheese. How will you fill your crepe? Will you get stuck with a fish on your back during Poison d’Avril in August? 


WEEK #9 IRELAND (Aug 16-20) Haigh! Welcome to Ireland! Build a trap to try to catch Lucky the Leprechaun! Hopefully this year we can catch him and his pot of gold! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some corned beef and cabbage! Don’t forget to wear your green. Learn to Irish step dance and listen to traditional Gaelic music. Who will be the champion of new games like rings or quoits?


WEEK #10 TANZANIA (Aug 23-27) Jambo! Buckle up for a safari through the Serengeti national park.  Learn about all the animals we will see along the way. Take a hike up Mt. Killingmajaro.  Learn about Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees.  Watch a snake dance.    

The summer camp rates are as follows:

Day Camp (ages 3-5)  

6:30am - 6:00pm  (maximum of 9.5 hrs per day)     

$260 per week , $65 per day


Day Camp ( Ages 6-12)

6:30am - 6:00pm  (maximum of 9.5 hrs per day)      

$220 per week , $55 per day       



Important Information:

  • Please indicate the week your child will be attending on your registration form.

  • We ask that children arrive by 9:00am daily. If your child will be arriving late or will be out, please call. 

  • We ask that children bring a bathing suit, water shoes, and towel daily for water play.

  • Lunches must be packed in throw away bags. (no heat ups) Please label lunch with your child’s name.  Lunches must contain a drink and silverware. 

  • Popsicles and ice pops are a wonderful treat on a warm summer day. If you would like to donate a box, the children would greatly appreciate it!

  • Weekly schedules of activities will be posted in your child's classroom 

  • Please fill out attached sunscreen form . We will supply sunscreen to be re applied in the afternoon We ask that parents apply the first coat of sunscreen each morning before child arrives at camp. We will re-apply sunscreen in the afternoon. 


All questions or concerns will be addressed by calling Andrea at 860-442-2273.






Andrea Ballestrini Rowe


Ballestrini’s Child Care Centers